Monday, 27, October 2014

Thomas Jefferson/Silva High School had its first Homecoming Parade since 2000.

The 2014 version was a great success. The Parade included the band, ROTC, class floats, among others.

The Ex-Student Association, La Jeff Mardi Gras Committee, and Moye’s Boys were very well represented too. The Outstanding Ex was presented to all as he rode in a convertible throughout the parade route waving to all as he enjoyed the crowed along the entire route.

As the parade came to an end in the Jefferson/Silva parking lot, the participants, students, and community were led into Moye Gym to take part in a community pep rally.

During the pep rally the Outstanding Ex. Dr. Edward Castaneda Ph D . was presented to the student body, administration and community. Dr. Castaneda was presented with a school letterman jacket and a plaque that honored and congratulated him for his outstanding achievements in his chosen career.

Also during at the pep rally, the La Jeff Mardi Gras Committee was introduced and Mr. Peter Solis, President spoke to the assembly and revealed to all present that $25,000, was raised during the Mardi Gras Dance and that money would be disbursed to nine clubs, teams, and/or organizations in equal sums. Each student group that participated during the Mardi Gras and had booths for fundraising purposes. Members of the La Jeff Committee present took turns to award checks to the different groups. Each group of students received $2,500 for their efforts and participation in making the dance a great success. The sponsors and students were extremely appreciative for the funds awarded to them.

The Thomas Jefferson Ex-Student Association, La Jeff Mardi Gras Committee, and the Moye’s Boys Foundation united represented well at the community Pep rally. This presentation of unity was well received by administration, student body and community.

Thursday, 30, October 2014.

The Thomas Jefferson Ex-Student Association celebrated with a reception for Dr. Edward Castaneda, Ph D. The reception was held at Region XIX in the Horizon Room. Guests and family members were entertained by music and video provided by Mr. Joe Garcia III while they dined with food provided by the Ysleta Culinary School. Dr. Castaneda was mildly roasted by the guests and family. All had a great time.

Friday, 31, October, 2014

Pep Assembly — 2:30 pm at the Moye Gym was held for the entire student body, faculty, and administration as well as for the alumni. Alumni again was well represented. The TJESA president, Tony Robles presented the “Outstanding Ex.” Dr. Edward Castaneda with a letterman jacket and plaque to honor his selection.

Mr. Fred Rojas, Thomas Jefferson/Silva High School Principal also presented Dr. Castaneda with another plaque commemorating his selection as Outstanding EX.

The La Jeff Mardi Gras Committee was presented with a plaque by Mr. Rojas to extend their deepest gratitude.

The plaque reads, “You have shaped the lives and inspired the dreams of so very many. Thank you for everything you have given to our campus, our students, and our community. Your devotion is an inspiration to all.”

The pep rally was great and energy was felt all over the gym. The Homecoming Court was presented, as well as, the play-off bound Volleyball team. All Alumni present were acknowledged for being present and were rewarded with a reception after the rally in the Administration Conference room with sweet goodies.

Friday, 31, October, 2014

Football Game at the Baty-Samung Stadium. The team gave effort, but fell short of a win.

At halftime Dr. Castaneda was again presented to the crowd and was presented a gift by Mr. Rojas. A beautiful Scarlet and Red scarf to go along with his new letterman jacket.

Also at halftime, Mr. Robert “Chicky “ Castaneda (no relationship) was introduced posthumously to the crowd as the Outstanding “In Memoriam” EX. selection. Coach Castaneda’s son Chip and daughter Cathy were present for the honor and recognition.

All in all, the celebrations were well organized and well received by all. Fun and excitement was had by all who attended. We hope that next year will be better because every year there is always room for improvement. Hope to attract bigger and better attendance by the Alumni, because this in itself demonstrates to the students at Jefferson/Silva that we indeed are there to help and support them with their needs. “Viva la Jeff!”


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